Merci Pour Le Venin

Kieran - 22 Years Old - England

Fresh start!

Okay so it has been a very bloody long time since I last properly used my Tumblr. But I feel like posting about the last few months that have passed.

My days in the dead end city of Plymouth finally came to an end and I moved out just short of 2 months ago, to other other end of the country! I now live just outside of Manchester with my best friend and family and I’ve been enjoying a fresh start and new surroundings to explore. It’s such a relief leaving the city that felt like living in a bubble to a place surround by so many other places and general civilisation! 

Early days yet but who knows what’s next! 
Either way, for the first time in a long while I’m optimistic and excited for what the future holds for me. 

I’ve been really lazy on tumblr.

Replying to messages from month ago.
sorry >.<

Absolutely cannot bloody wait for The Walking Dead to return. Season 5 trailer out in a few days!!  @amcthewalkingdead #thewalkingdead #rickgrimes #carlgrimes #michonne #daryldixon #glennrhee #maggiegreene #sgtabrahamford #theyrescrewingwiththewrongpeople #terminus #hashtagseverywhere
Hair is finally getting near that sorta messy stage. Which is exactly what I want. 👍

preview of new cover

Might possibly be actually working on a new cover for the first time in a long while. 😊 🎸🎤🎵
'In my heart and in my soul are all the people that I've known and the places I call home. But in my head and in my mind, they're all just things I've left behind. Reminders of the changing times, and these ageing bones of mine.'

Rosie is such a cute pup. 😁🐶

Made a friend while helping clear out the back garden. :)
D.I.Y haircut, top still needs trimming properly though.. Only done it twice before aha.
All smiles until England decided to lose. Ha
Remember when you were a madman, thought you was Batman.
From saturday night out in Wigan with my best friends, was a brill night. :)

This is what 95% of any car journey we have consists of. Singing our hearts out to @deafhavana @jamesveckgilodi haha

Saturday. The big move.